Protecting species

The BVI is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth, and we want to keep it that way. Environmental conservation is critical to tourism in the BVI and the tourism industry keeps our economy strong.  We are motivated far beyond economic incentives though, we believe that the next generation deserves to inherit the natural wonders of these beautiful islands and so we enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to inspire a locally-lead generation of conservationists.

As part of our work, we strive to bring attention to the urgent need to protect vulnerable species, both on land and in the sea. Our ecosystems are delicate and easily threatened.  In our own backyard, we have several species that are at risk and we want to partner with our community to safeguard our greatest resource, the natural beauty of this incredible place we are fortunate enough to call home.

Two ocean initiatives that we are currently involved in are advocating for the protection of sea turtles and supporting sustainable lobster fishing. In addition we work with the Virgin Limited Edition Necker wildlife team to support a range of species, find out more here.

Protecting lobsters and turtles