The goal

To catalyze recycling nation-wide, starting with three major waste streams: glass, aluminium and plastic, reducing waste going to the landfill by 30 – 35% in the first year alone!

About the project

Over the last 10 years, the amount of waste being produced by the BVI has tripled. The effort to support local recyclers has never been more necessary.  Without their efforts, waste is usually dumped or burned causing major environmental and public health concerns.

We’ve been working with a local not-for-profit called ‘Green VI’ on ‘The Virgin Gorda Recycling Pilot’. Unite BVI has advocated for significant collaboration from generous co-donor partners. Together these co-donors have strategically invested in supporting Green VI to facilitate a partnership between the BVI Government’s Department of Waste Management, local recyclers, sponsors and the community resulting in various waste and resource management-related initiatives that will be implemented in 2017. These include  relocation of Green VI’s Glass Studio, proccuring the necessary equipment for recycling, in addition to developing long term strategies that promote better waste management in the BVI (education and community awareness being a large focus).

Unite BVI, has invested in supporting local recyclers such as Green & Clean VI and VI Plastics via entrepreneurial loans facilitated by Green VI to purchase the equipment necessary to expand and process these three major waste streams: metal, glass, and plastic.

As part of the pilot, the Department of Waste Management has secured recycling bins and a dedicated collection truck.  On Virgin Gorda, Green and Clean (VI) Ltd will continue with glass aggregate production from old glass bottles and will initiate aluminium recycling. VI Plastics will be converting discarded plastic into furniture.

The recycling pilot aims to move Virgin Gorda to zero waste and eliminate open burning at the VG dumpsite.  The ultimate aim is to catalyze recycling on a large-scale volume in the BVI!

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