Saving the turtles

The goal

To partner with our neighbouring countries, local community and experts in the field to protect the endangered species of sea turtles from going extinct.

About the project

Of the seven species of marine turtles in the world, six are internationally classified as endangered. The BVI is home to four of these species of turtles.  The Hawksbill, which is classified as ‘Critically Endangered’. The Leatherback and the Green, which are classified as ‘Endangered’ and the Loggerhead which is recognized as ‘Threatened’. This is mostly down to human activity. Loss of habitat, hurricanes, boating accidents, predators - including humans! The BVI still allows for an open,  legal hunting season where turtles, even the one’s classified as critically endangered can legally be hunted and killed. Only 1 in 1000 sea turtle hatchlings survive into adulthood, those are pretty worrying statistics! And marine turtles will only lay eggs on the one, specific beach that they themselves were hatched on! We are so fortunate that three of the four species of turtles that roam BVI waters also lay their eggs on BVI beaches! We have a tremendous responsibility to protect their habitat and to protect these incredible harmless and vulnerable animals themselves.  Our neighbors in St. Vincent & The Grenadines just recently outlawed the hunting of sea turtles through a locally-lead education and advocacy campaign called ‘No Extinction in my Generation’.  We applaud their forward thinking efforts and hope to share a similar story of progressive environmental stewardship in the year to come! If we don’t intervene quickly and carefully sea turtles could become extinct!

On Necker Island Turtle Beach is a protected area which has happily become a favourite nesting and breeding site for local turtles.

We collaborated with several partners to host a conference about sargassum seaweed in 2016. This brown algae builds up on the shores and makes it difficult for turtles to reach the beach to nest, or for their hatchlings to reach the ocean. People attending the event included ministerial delegates from the wider Caribbean area. Richard and Unite BVI Foundation challenged each of the delegates to return to their countries and lobby for the protection of marine turtles.